Assisti offers a huge range of plotters for all types of applications. Apart from the sales, we also offer plotter rental, outsourcing and leasing. 

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Plotters for Architecture, Engineering and GIS

Plotters para Arquitetura e Engenharia

HP offers the widest range of large-format printers in the area for design professionals. Work in a variety of applications, from low-cost CAD to high-quality presentations, intricate maps and aerial photos.

HP equipment features a high level of speed and integration into the productive environment for architectural, civil construction and interior design offices, and related applications.

Main applications:
Plants, Projects, Posters, Presentations, Reports and Maps.

Reduce time to market

Get lower setup times and higher processing speeds in virtually every step of the workflow, from concept to creation. HP digital technology provides integrated efficiencies that allow you to do more in less time.

Surprise customers with precision and attention to detail

Have your product stand out from the competition through its precision. HP digital technology’s exceptional production values enable you to showcase your creative vision.

Improve your final work

Put technology to work so you’re free to do your business. Shorter processing times, improved connectivity and minimized manual operations allow you to focus on opening doors and creating opportunities.

Plotters for Professional photography and graphic design

Plotters para Fotografia Profissional e Design Gráfico

Spend time creating, not printing. The wide HP DesignJet portfolio of photo printers offers the consistent, exceptional quality you expect whenever producing color or black and white photos, proofs, presentations or design templates.

Get to know the HP large format photo printers, ideal for creative professionals, advertising agencies, professional and semi-professional photographers who need accurate printing with vivid color, high image permanence and photographic quality in all their works.

Main applications:
Color Proofs, Design, Photography, Panels and Fine Arts.

Produce gallery-quality prints

Create long-lasting prints with fine art pigments using HP technology. Obtain incredible quality, smooth transitions and real neutral gray tones. Simplify your workflow with the HP Artist solution for Nikon and authenticate your prints yourself with ARTrust.

Create the colors you imagine

Get the colors that actually appear on the screen in your prints, using HP DreamColor technologies. Avoid having to guess color profiles: HP makes it easy to reproduce your favorite pattern and creates customized combinations so that every print is consistent.

Spend time creating, not printing

Getting the perfect print should not take you a long time. With HP, you can get the desired color at the very first try. Reduce printing errors and waste (and count on consistent quality) with easy maintenance features.

Signaling and Display Plotters

Plotters para Sinalização e Exibição

Produce the best graphics in large formats with unparalleled efficiency. The HP Portfolio offers a variety of versatile products to differentiate your business. Produce everything from outdoor advertising to interior decorations and vehicle images.

Get to know HP large format printers for visual communication professionals and print service providers. This equipment presents the best quality in less time for applications such as banners, billboards, promotional material in points of sale and signage in general, for internal or external use.

Main applications:
Banners, Displays, POS Material, Panels, Backlight, Frontlight, Billboards on Buildings, Adhesive Materials, Events Materials and Special Projects.

Plotters for Print Shops and Copy Bureaus

Plotters para Graficas e Copiadoras

Be ready for any kind of work that shows up. The HP DesignJet portfolio offers leading marketing technology for fast, high-quality printing on a wide range of jobs, from AEC and CAD drawings to business and events graphics.

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